This is the one right here! The Flower Bomb Botanical Infused Face & Body Refresher is amazing, simply amazing!

Refreshes and tones the skin but also combats different skin issues such as oil overproduction as well as dryness and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

You haven't experienced a combination like this, I guarantee it and here's why!

Key Ingredient


Lotus leaves are naturally antioxidant which helps the skin fight free radicals and protect the skin's collagen and elastin.

Lily Flower

The lily is an alkalising flower on the skin, and regulates pH levels, making the skin glow naturally. It helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.

Use as a Toner in your normal skincare routine and also as a refresher throughout your day!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Rose Water, Organic Lily Flower, Lotus Flower, Rose Blossoms, Geranium Essential Oil, Optiphen

Flower Bomb Botanical Infused Face & Body Refresher