Jump into this passionately infused, skin adoring, mood uplifting Jasmine & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Soak. If ever you needed to feel wrapped in love, this is the soak that's going to wrap you up in love!Topped with a red rose to help recharge you with feelings of self love and comfort. Enhanced with Pink Himalayan Salt to reset your aura and put it on relax. You've earned this loving treat Queen! Key IngredientRose Quartz Infused Almond OilRose quartz meaning varies throughout cultures, but the soft pink stone is often tied to gentleness, love, and fertility. In reiki and energy work, rose quartz properties are engaged to reset the heart chakra, release stress, and promote circulation and skin health. Ideal Use: Add a small handful to warm running water.  Allow a few minutes for the soak to permeate the water and then immerse yourself into the calming, soothing properties that this soak has to offer.Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, RoseHip Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Rose, Hibiscus, Rose Quartz Infused Almond Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Fragrance, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sugar

Jasmine & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Soak

  • Bathing in an herbal bath is not just relaxing but therapeutic! The healing properties associated with our all natural bath soaks gives your body and soul the needed boost to make it through our everyday lives.

    Combined with warm water, the infusion of the bath soak and water allow the love to be absorbed into your skin, clearing out the troubles of the day.  Herbal baths stimulate and calm your body and mind, clearing your mind and boosting energy while moisturizing your skin and soothing aches and pains.


    Rose- Known for its beauty!

    *Helps with collagen production

    *Helps soothe a stressed and over thinking mind

    *Helps skin to retain moisture and appear brighter and glowing





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