Summer is coming and what better way to seize the season than with something that is a wonderful reminder of our favorites days as kids!

Our Watermelon Splash Daily Moisturizing Mist is the best part of summer! Long sunny days, cold watermelon and icy sips!

Super hydrating for your hair and our moisturizing mist increases circulation to the scalp supplying you with healthy hair growth!

Key Ingredient


High content of vitamin C in watermelon helps to promote healthy hair. Watermelon also helps to boost blood circulation on the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Watermelon seed is very helpful to moisturize our hair.

Citrulline is found in excess in watermelon. This nutrient helps increase levels of a certain amino acid, known as arginine, within the body. Arginine is known for promoting blood circulation, particularly within the scalp. This is beneficial for faster hair growth.

Watermelon Splash Moisturizing Mist